There are several options for check-in, depending on which airline you fly with.

Check-in online: Check-in


At the counter
All Airlines offer manual check-in, where an employee arranges check-in for you at the counter. Be aware of that there may often be a queue.

There are 4 check-in kiosks in the departure hall.

Here you do it yourself, and it’s easy and fast. Just follow the instructions on the screen or ask an employee for help.

If you have luggage, take it to check-in counter 1 or 2 or at "bagdrop" at counter 4.

Direct to gate

Direct to Gate is a new service available to all passengers who travel with hand luggage only.

All you need to pass through security without being checked in is either your travel document or SMS ticket (if you have a smart phone). All you need is a barcode. You must arrive at the boarding gate at least 20 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights


Check-in time can vary from airline to airline. Below you can see check-in times for DAT


DAT 2 hours before departure 30 min. before departure
   Mon- fri from 04:30, weekend from 06:00  

Remember!  You need to make sure you have finished check-in for Airline before check-in deadline. Always be aware of queue!

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