‘Midttrafik’ offers Teletaxa between Midtjyllands Airport and the cities Holstebro and Viborg.

Drop off at Midtjyllands Airport is right by the departure hall, so the check-in area is right inside the door.

The schedule is made so the bus will be in the airport 40 minutes before departure.

Remember to note when your airline closes check-inn, so you don’t arrival late!

Delays and more regarding the bus connection – please contact ‘Midttrafik’ on phone nr. 87 40 83 00 press 4

See the schedules down below

Teletaxi between Viborg, Holstebro and Midtjyllands Airport

The teletaxi can be used can be used between Viborg bus station and Midtjyllands Airport, and runs both ways. It may also be used between Karup city (Bredgade) and Midtjyllands Airport, also in both directions. This could be interesting if you arrive or depart with bus No 53 to/from Herning.

It is also possible to order a Teletaxi between Midtjyllands Airport and Holstebro.

Common for all departures and arrivals:

  • The teletaxi has to be ordered at least 1 hour before you wish to be picked up.
  • The times can vary with -15 to +45 minutes, but you will always be in time to catch your plane in Midtjyllands Airport
The teletaxi has to be booked on telephone number+45 87 40 83 00 dial 3

Ticket office is open from 8 am to 5 pm

Stop route 716

  • Viborg busstation
  • Karup city
  • Midtjyllands Airport
In Karup city (Bredgade) there is also bus connections to Herning.

Stop route 290, see more info on link below.

Holstebro teletaxi 290

Viborg teletaxi 716

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