Special baggage


The airline to fly with must always be contacted - and preferably in good time if you want to take a hunting or competitive weapon on the journey. Get here in time, as the weapon will be checked by the airport staff.

Rules to be observed:

  • Sports Firearms and other weapons, on which you have license to, may only be transported as cargo or checked baggage. It is not allowed to bring weapons as hand luggage.
  • Weapons must be suitably packaged, and ammunition in separate luggage.
  • The weapon must be divided into two pieces, and a vital part packed in separate luggage.
  • Before departing, the weapon must be reported at check-in or baggage drop.

Procedures at the airport

A checklist must be completed before transporting of firearms at an aircraft. The checklist must be shown to the security staff for approval. Security personnel will then make a weapon inspection, which ensures that the weapon is disassembled. A vital part of the firearm and cartridges must be packed in another luggage. In addition documentary check is made of gun license, etc.


A weapon form must be filled in: Weapon Form


In Karup airport, your special baggage will be picked-up by our staff personally at the departure hall. They ensure that it gets packed securely into the aircraft’s compartments.

The baggage can be picked up at the baggage belt at destination.

Payment for special baggage.

Required manual handling of sports equipment and odd-size luggage (such as pram, stroller) it must be packaged differently in the aircraft’s compartments as it has other objectives than an ordinary suitcase. Therefore an extra charge will be collected for sports equipment and odd-size luggage. Prices and handling of special baggage vary from airline to airline.

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The staff in Karup Airport takes good care of your pet.

Booking and information about the rules for traveling with animals must be made through the Airline Company you want to travel with.

Remember! Come early at check in because it takes some time, when you check-in with animals.

Transport boxes

It is permitted to use its own transport box if this is designed so that there is no risk for the animal to escape, suffer harm or destroy other freight. The animal must be able to stand and turn around in the transport box.

The box must be solid, tight, clean and disinfected, and equipped with containers for food and water. Box base must be lined with an absorbent pad of, for example, wood shavings or wood wool.

Click on the logo below to get on the airlines’ website. Here is information about the pets that are allowed to bring onboard the aircraft, booking, prices, etc. for your information.

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