Midtjyllands airport offers free parking when you are on your journey.
Your car can be free parked on our marked parking spaces until you land in Midtjyllands Airport again.

We just finished expanding the area, so there is now even more free parking spaces for our guests.

Safe Park

The car park is fenced unlike free parking.

The car park is normally open 1 ½ hours before the first flight, and there is always open until the last flight arrive.


At the entrance there are 3 options for payment:

The first option and the most simple credit cards:
At the entrance, put your credit card in the machine. You parked and at exit put the same card in the machine again and you can freely run out.

The second option pull a ticket
You can pull a ticket at the kiosk at the entrance. At the exit you need to scan this ticket and then you pay with credit card.

You can pay med Dankort, EuroCard, Master Card and Visa.
————————————————– ——————————

Less than 15 minutes. = Free

Per hour = DKK 5, –
Per startet day = DKK 60, –
7 days (1 week) = DKK 250, –

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